Rides & Games



Daily Wristband                  $35

Unlimited Single Day*

*Single Day Use Only


Ride Tickets

25 Tickets                             $10

50 Tickets                             $20

100 Tickets                           $30


Tickets available for purchase during the festival to play games (with exception to the Dime Toss). Popular games that are returning this year:



Bingo is held in the Parish Hall on both Saturday and Sunday during Oak Tree Festival Weekend.

Dime Toss

Back by popular demand, stop by the Dime Toss booth and win some glassware!

Cake Walk

As music plays, walk around a large circle with numbers. When the music stops, a number is picked from a container and the person standing closest to the corresponding number on the circle wins a cake. Sounds like a sweet deal!

Additional Booths

Plant and Pumpkin Patch

This year our CCD will be collaborating their Pumpkin Patch with the Plant Booth (find the best name to call this). Support the Parish and get your Halloween pumpkin during Oak Tree Festival weekend.

First Aid

This year we’re including a First Aid booth to ensure the safety of all the Oak Tree Festival attendees.